PET BOTTLE LAMP by Alvaro Catalan De Ocon

In 2011, alvaro catalán de ocón travelled to south america where
he took part in a project led by hélène le drogou,
psychologist and activist who was concerned with the plastic
 waste contaminating the colombian amazon.
currently large amounts of PET bottles are washed
into the earth's body of waters by tropical rains--
the discarded material pulled into the rivers, floating out into the pacific
ocean where over time it has accumulated into an immense island,
spanning larger than the area of spain,
which today is known as the 'seventh continent'.

alvaro's invitation to partake in the initiative was so
that he could see first hand the amount of pollution generated by
plastic bottles effecting the area, and express his point of view
on the situation, and find a potential solution to the problem.
PET bottles have a very short lifespan considering the
amount of effort which is taken to produce them.
the spanish designer's aim was think about the validity
of the object over the long term, finding a creative way
to transform it into a functional and desirable product
for the market after its initial intended use.